Italy’s Covid19 Stimulus: Tokenization of Tax Credits And The New Digital Lira

Italy's Covid19 Stimulus: Tokenization of Tax Credits And The New Digital Lira -
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The day that the Italian borders were reopened after the lockdown — on June 3rd — I drove across the Brenner Pass with an overwhelming joy. I could finally rejoin my family and my old friends.

I could fill again my heart and eyes with the beauty of my homeland. Since that day, I have spent most of the summer in Italy — enjoying the unique beauties of the Dolomites, Lake Garda, Tuscany, Umbria, the Marche, all the way down to the Gargano Peninsula in the Apulia region. I became fixated with the idea of coming back to live in my beloved homeland and started to look at the grants and incentives that the government was planning.

The recent Law n.34 of 2020 — known as “Decreto Rilancio” — grants tax incentives for the restructuring of real estates aimed at improving both the building´s energy consumption and its structural stability. While the government’s objective is to boost both the building sector and the country’s stagnant economy, this new law conceals much more important opportunities for the country’s economy.

I am surprised that no one has yet proposed or highlighted any such
opportunities. Unfortunately, the blockchain remains a topic discussed
only among a restricted circle of specialists. Yet digitisation should be one of the declared priorities of the current government.

The Italian fintech company Work invoice, sized the opportunity to launch a marketplace…

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