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Deep-fried bolognese panzerotti are about to become your new favourite snack

It’s time we had a chat about panzerotti, the delicious deep-fried Italian snacks you never knew you needed until now.

Panzerotti originated from Puglia, along the south-east coast of Italy. They’re otherwise known as fried calzone or a savoury turnover, and have been commercialised in North America where they’re now referred to as pizza pockets. 

Biting into one of these deep-fried parcels, you’re traditionally greeted by a steaming hot combination of tomato and melted cheese. The star of Il Panzerotto Taste of Puglia’s show though is the world’s first bolognese panzerotto inspired by owner Ettore Donnaloia’s mother. 

Bologna and Puglia unite to create a perfect harmony through the use of bolognese sauce, cheese and dough. It’s not quite a calzone, and definitely not a lasagne. What it is, is an explosion of flavour in your mouth which will leave you hooked. 

According to Donnaloia, panzerotti were first created by an Italian housewife. “The housewives used to cook for the kids and would make homemade bread. It was a staple for families. When they would make homemade bread they would then cut off a piece of dough which they would fry and give to kids. Then, the kids started asking for something else inside, so they would put some cheese and tomato inside, fold, close and fry it. The kids loved it, and slowly every single family tried making panzerotti at home,” he says.

Donnaloia and his family migrated to Melbourne from an old village in Puglia…

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