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How I Travel: Nyle DiMarco Misses Train Rides Through the Alps

To keep folks entertained while stuck at home this year, Netflix has released a steady stream of reality dating shows that depict romance in various communities: Indian Matchmaking (about Indians and Indian Americans), Love on the Spectrum (about people on the autism spectrum), and now, Deaf U, following the exploits of college students at Gallaudet University, which educates students who are deaf or hard of hearing. “I don’t mind sleeping with you,” one student brutally signs and says to her paramour in the show’s trailer.

The show was executive produced by Nyle DiMarco, a model, actor, and activist whom you might recognize from his winning stints on America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars. Amid lockdown, he’s producing an entire slate of programming about the Deaf community, but a peek at his Instagram page makes it clear he’s really yearning to travel again—particularly to his beloved Italy. In an email conversation with Condé Nast Traveler, he talks about his obsession with the European country, his go-to plane outfit, and more.

The aspect of travel he misses the most:

Meeting Deafies (we say that instead of Deaf people, FYI) from all over. It’s quite fascinating how we immediately connect because of our “universal” Deaf experience despite the distance, [and] cultural and language differences.

His last trip before lockdown:

I spent a few weeks in Puglia, Italy, and then went on to London. I fell in love with Puglia, a region sprinkled…

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