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rPET cell containers

Carton Pack, a company based in Apulia with extensive experience in the packaging sector, has introduced rPET cell containers. In-depth analyses on the international market and producer and retailer needs enabled the launch of this brand new line.

Each cell, which can be made using up to 100% recycled material, is designed specifically to guarantee maximum protection to the produce. Layers are available in a vast range of sizes and customization options. The objective when it comes to R&D is to showcase the fruit thanks to the colors, bright surfaces and resistant materials.

A key element for a good resistance is structure: Carton Pack cells boast in fact a special wave texture that is particularly sturdy even when the plateau is tilted. They are easily stackable and facilitate filling, so much so that the fruits land in place almost autonomously.  

Detail of the cells.

A “buffer” system at the base welcomes the fruit and avoids it being damaged. To prevent humidity from depositing leading to bacterial alteration and molds, containers have small holes measuring 1.5-2.5 mm to enable a correct aeration and drainage of liquids.

Special ribs are located along the entire perimeter that slide on the crate walls and block the layer in place. They are available in standard sizes 60×40 cm, 50×30 cm and 40×30 cm. Over forty grades are available, from specific kiwifruit cells to the various models destined for round fruits (top fruit, stone fruit).

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