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Bomb damages Puglia mayor’s office – English

(ANSA) – Lecce, February 12 – A homemade bomb on Wednesday
damaged a Puglia mayor’s accountancy office.
Professional accountant Graziano Vantaggiato, 53, the mayor
of Soleto near Lecce on the Salento peninsula, was elected on a
crossparty civic list.
The rudimentary device, police said, was set off in front of
his accountancy office.
The bomb damaged the entrance to the office and woke the
neighbours, who called the police.
Carabinieri have obtained CCTV footage of the incident.
Vantaggiato reportedly told police he could not explain the
attack, judicial sources said.
The parliamentary anti-mafia commission said it would
interview the mayor shortly.
The Puglia mafia, the United Holy Crown (Sacra Corona Unita,
SCU), is Italy’s fourth and smallest mafia.
The other three are ‘Ndrangheta from Calabria, Cosa Nostra
from Sicily, and the Camorra in Campania.
Prosecutors said last month the SCU is trying to emulate