Masseria Fruttirossi to plant 40 hectares of avocado in Apulia

Masseria Fruttirossi to plant 40 hectares of avocado in Apulia

“In April, we will start planting about 40 hectares of avocado, which will make our company one of the first producer in Italy of this superfruit”. Dario De Lisi, commercial manager of the Masseria Fruttirossi di Castellaneta (Taranto), reports to FreshPlaza and adds: “It is expected that about 32,000 plants (800 plants per hectare) will be planted, mainly Hass, but also Ettinger, Pinkerton, B.L. and Reed varieties. Thus we guarantee the availability of fresh fruit from November to May”.

The world’s largest producers of avocado are Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Peru and Spain (the latter is the leader in Europe). Italy, with its peculiar soil and climate characteristics, especially in the south of the peninsula, could invest in this type of product, which is increasingly in demand among European consumers.

Masseria Fruttirossi, already the national leader in the production of pomegranates, is an Apulian business, known for the cultivation of products with high health value. “Scientific research highlights the beneficial aspects of avocado. The project of planting this type of fruit is very well combined with the corporate identity of the company, aimed at offering health and well-being to the final consumer through the consumption of these products. Soon there will be not only pomegranates, goji berries and aronia berries on the counters, but also fresh avocado with the Lome Super Fruit brand”.

“The plant that we will soon be building will be similar to that of…

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