luca zanaroli architects JMG house celebrates the vernacular in apulia

luca zanaroli architects JMG house celebrates the vernacular in apulia


located in apulia, italy, the JMG house pays homage to vernacular architecture through a charming blend of tradition and modernism. completed by italian studio luca zanaroli architects, the house can accomodate two families and guests, has several outdoor areas and above all, has a direct connection to the natural landscape. showing respect to the integrity of the land, the ground has been maintained to preserve the rural character and all olive trees have been left untouched. 

luca zanaroli architects JMG house: the outdoor courtyard and the infinity pool



in this project, an L-shaped building and a black cubic lodge join an old trullo — typical apulian dry stone hut with a conical roof — which luca zanaroli architects has used as a visual and spatial link. the natural stones on one side of the building reference the old stones at the base of the trullo, while the smooth white walls are reminiscent of local masonry with a lime-washed finish.

the outdoor kitchen’s smooth white walls complements the texture of the ground and trees



the outdoor areas provide a generous space for relaxation and recreation —  from an integrated stone bench overlooking the garden, to an infinity pool surrounded by larch wood, stone and hand-smoothed concrete. pathways which are delineated by low lime-washed walls lead residents and guests across the property.


the interior features carefully chosen pieces of stylish and minimalist furniture, with materials including wood,…

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