Founder Sunny Hodge commissioned Harvest 1 from Puglia’s Morasinsi Winery, as his south London wine bar pivoted to retail during Covid-19

‘Before Covid, retail was around 2%-3% of my sales. Suddenly, [my business] had to survive on that,’ Hodge told Imbibe when we went to visit the Elephant & Castle bar.

So Hodge, a seasoned wine expert and former assistant restaurant manager at Margot, turned to his flatmate Ricky, whose father has been making ‘shed wine’ on his olive groves in Puglia. ‘I wanted to find a way of making that wine legally, so I got in touch with [nearby] farmer Sveva Sernia [from Morasini Winery], who had been experimenting with making natural wine. I basically proposed that I would give her a wine spec and she would work to it.’

Sunny Hodge
Sunny Hodge

The result is Harvest 1, a natural white wine made using a field blend of 50% Moscato, 40% Manzoni Bianco and 10% Chardonnay, which spends a total of two hours on the skin and resulting in a hazy, straw-yellow hue. 

On the nose, gooseberries, yellow grapefruit and floral notes (rose, elderflower) shine through alongside some recognisable Riesling characteristics (Riesling is one of Manzoni Bianco’s parent varieties). On the palate. good acidity with green fruits and a vegetal edge, with a slightly bitter finish. It’s elegant, easy-drinking and delicious, and with not too much…

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