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Fashion Favorite Marina Larroude Chats Her Epic Cross-Country Road Trip

With everyone stuck in the states due to Coronavirus, it was pretty easy to slip into a slump this summer, many mourning the loss of some exciting jaunt to Europe. Marina Larroude however lost no time to sulking, setting her sights instead on a far more grand adventure. The Brazilian born fashion favorite – she was the former VP Fashion Director at Barneys after all! – embarked upon an epic road trip last month that saw her crossing the country twice, racking in over 7,000 miles and hitting all of America’s bucket list travel spots along the way.

If you’ve been following Marina on Instagram, you’ve no doubt found yourself influenced to hit the road and get exploring. Like, can you believe that these photos aren’t from Patagonia or Portugal!? Well, America is clearly far more exotic than any of us realized. And lucky for you we’ve caught up with the fashion turned travel influencer to hear all about her tips, tricks, and favorites to help guide you on your own whirlwind trip!

Had you ever done a big road trip before?
Not as close to this one, where we crossed country twice around America. A couple of summers ago we drove all over Italy with the kids going from Rome to Puglia and back and had the best time. Growing up, my parents used to travel with us by car everywhere. We did a big trip in Brazil, from Sao Paulo to Bahia and a couple from France to Italy. 

What made you and your family decide to jump into such an adventure now?
My husband and I always wanted to do…

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