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Alto Adige: On a


the wines of Alto Adige (also called Süd Tirol by those more Germanically
inclined) is easy: there is no region in Italy that makes better red or whites.
Yes, Piedmont and Tuscany make a slew of unforgettable red wines, Friuli
Venezia Giulia and Campania are home to many world-class whites, and Abruzzo
and Puglia make some of the world’s best and most underrated Rosati (Rosé)
wines; but no region in Italy makes more high-quality whites and reds than Alto

The vineyards of Alto Adige

What Works

Alto Adige is where you’ll find Italy’s, and arguably the world’s, best cooperatives.
The level of viticulture and winemaking at these establishments is really non-pareil.
Many of Italy’s best whites are made in these co-ops. Second, quality is remarkably consistent
across the region’s many estates; in fact, it is the highest in Italy, with
very few duds and practically no flawed wines to be found, be they white, red
or pink. Third, it is safe to argue that the largest volumes of Italy’s best
monovariety wines are in fact those of Alto Adige. Read ’em and weep: Alto
Adige’s Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer wines are, without question, Italy’s
best; and actually, only Alsace boasts a larger volume of world-class Gewürzes
(though given that Alto Adige’s versions are more classically dry than their
Alsatian counterparts, many a wine enthusiast prefers the former to…

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