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The under-the-radar foodie delight of Puglia | The Courier

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I am not sure that the local folk in Puglia, or Apulia as it is sometimes known, won’t be too happy with this yarn. It’s not because they aren’t proud of their lot. Or that they aren’t a welcoming bunch. I just think that a lot of Puglians are happy with their life, just the way it is. Fairly relaxed, uncomplicated and in a way, insular to themselves and their respective villages and towns. If my story has the impact that I always hope they do, and results in a sudden influx of visitors, then I myself might not be able to return for a while, and I would not like that at all, because I absolutely love the place. The Puglia region is a bit of an undiscovered treasure in Italy. Certainly not as popular as trendy destinations like the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre or Tuscany, Puglia in some ways has – and might still be – thought of as the poor relation to the country’s northern inhabitants, although that tune is starting to play a little different of late. Resting in semi-siesta mode, Puglia is literally the ‘heel of Italy’ and from my experiences there it is rich in many more ways than its relations north. As you may know, every region of Italy has its own way of life. Each has its own flairs and philosophies when it comes to, food, beverages, architecture – even coffee! – and Puglia is no different. One thing is for sure though, I reckon they have got plenty right! Sticking with my airline loyalty I was…

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