Seedless and organic grapes a popular trend for Sicilian grapes

Seedless and organic grapes a popular trend for Sicilian grapes

Golden Grapes administrator Dario Brucculeri reports that “what makes us stand out is the fact that we bag our table grape bunches.”

Golden Grapes vineyards

Bunches are generally bagged in June, before grapevine moths lay their eggs, and bags are removed during harvesting between September and November. This way, grapes are protected against lepidoptera and other insects as well as from the weather.

Dario Brucculeri

“The company covers 45 hectares, 30 of which dedicated to table grape cultivation. We grow the Italia and Red Globe varieties as well as seedless grapes on over 10 ha (Centennial seedless, Crimson, Regal, Autumn Royal, King Ruby, Pink Muscat). Some time ago, we also introduced the Apulia and Luisa varieties (7 hectares).”

Bagged grapes

The markets of reference are France, Germany and Holland and the main commercialization channels are organic and biodynamic shops (the company holds the Demeter certification since 1997) as well as dedicated retail sections.

State-of-the-art and sustainable agronomic practices
“We need a lot of labor with this type of solution, though we do manage to make our product really sustainable. We care about our soil a lot and therefore practice grassing all over the company property. The grass is then cut and buried to increase the organic matter content that fertilizes the soil.” 

“When it comes to harmful insects, we use the sexual confusion technique as well as a bit of sulfur and copper to contain cryptogams. All…

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