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A 17th Century Castle Is Reborn In Puglia

Although the Italian territory has a long and illustrious history, Italy’s identity as a country has a much shorter history. That’s because prior to Italian Unification in 1861, Italy was divided into a number of city states and kingdoms vying for power. The country, in fact, is home to hundreds of castles and royal palaces that belonged to powerful noble families – and many of these have been passed down for generations. These historical monuments often possess austere exteriors, fortifying them against intruders, while others have since been transformed into luxury hotels that welcome guests inside with a warm and convivial atmosphere.

Castello di Ugento, a 17th century castle located in Puglia’s southern Salento region, is a perfect example of this. The honey-colored fortress towers over the sleepy town of Ugento but within its walls lies a dynamic space that unites the best of Italian hospitality, gastronomy and design. Originally built on ancient Messapian remains, the castle was destroyed and rebuilt over centuries until the Marquis d’Amore, a nobleman and successful merchant, purchased the castle in 1643. The…

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