Wine: supermarket special offers aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be | Fiona Beckett on wine | Food

I suspect a fair number of you buy your wine from a supermarket on the basis that it’s bound to be cheaper there. Well, while that may well be the case if you shop at Aldi or Lidl, it ain’t necessarily so: a fair number of supermarket wines seem to have crept up in price recently, and are now hitting the £9 mark, Tesco’s rather appealing Finest St Chinian, which was £7.50 this time last year, being a case in point.

Given that, you need also to be cautious about “special offers”, which may not be quite as good as they look. I got pretty excited about getting the celebrated English sparkling wine Nyetimber for £14.99 at Waitrose, until I discovered it was only a half-bottle. However, the same store’s current deal on Ridgeview Bloomsbury (12%), which can be up to £30 elsewhere, is well worth snapping up at £21.69.

Even wine boxes, which you’d be forgiven for assuming were a less expensive way to buy wine than by the bottle, aren’t necessarily the bargain they might at first appear, particularly if they’re endorsed by a celeb. The pretty humdrum new Phillip Schofield Organic Nero di Troia (13%), from Puglia, for example, is £24.99 for two-and-a-quarter litres at Waitrose – or, in other words, the equivalent of £8.33 a bottle. You could buy a similar and rather better example of a southern Italian red at Morrisons, whose The Best Negromaro is £6.50 at time of writing. Or, if you really want a wine box – or rather a giant wine tube – go for the…

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