The Apulia region is the heel of Italy’s boot, a pure uncontaminated territory where it’s possible to indulge your cultural self and discover this beautiful region in southern Italy all year round. Almost untouched the region is known for it’s whitewashed towns, beautiful white sandy beaches, fascinating cultural sites, art and tradition. Inspired by the slow food movement, Puglia offers healthy Mediterranean food and produces some of the best wines in Italy. A private wine tour in Puglia is one of the best ways to discover the territory, the culture and flavours. A top speciality, the region produces some of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world made from superior olives.
Did you know that Puglia produces 80% of all pasta and extra virgin olive oil!? UNESCO protects every single olive tree that you will see in the entire region. Learning to make traditional pasta and combining dishes with such quality extra virgin olive oil and local fresh vegetables, which are abundant in Puglia, is an unforgettable experience. Improve your culinary skills by preparing traditional dishes and respecting the seasonality of the vegetable garden, orchard and the organic zero food miles philosophy. This ancient land in southern Italy is an oasis waiting to be explored any time of the year. Here are the places you need to bookmark!

1. Alberobello

old towns in alberobello italy
Image: Italian Allure Travel

Visit the town of Alberobello with its timeless fairy-tale beauty. The town…

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