Italy Is A Travel Hotspot For 2020

Italy Is A Travel Hotspot For 2020

Get out your passport! There are a wealth of destinations to be discovered in 2020, but according to many travel advisors I spoke with, Italy tops the list! Here is the insider’s guide to Italy for next year.

Rachelle Stepner, Luxury Italy Travel Planner, Tzell Travel Group, says, “Italy is tremendously popular because there is always something new to explore there. People are looking for new experiences and you can find anything and everything there. We’ve also seen up and coming areas like Puglia and Sicily gain popularity as result of well-known brands opening luxury hotel properties there.”

“Every single region in Italy is like being in a different country. One train ride away feels like you’ve arrived in a new country. There’s no other place in the world where you can have everything in one place: shopping, culture, food skiing, scenery, adventure and history. Other places may be as beautiful but they won’t have the variety of experiences all in one place. I think Italy always was hot and will always be hot for those reasons.”

Becky Powell, President of Protravel International, agrees. “Italy is a captivating country with scenic views at every turn. The people, the culture, the food, the experiences are endless and very enriching to all who travel there. There are numerous off-the-beaten path locations I…

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