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How To Find The Essence Of The Region

Southern Italy has been historically poorer and Puglia has been predominantly rural. But while it lacks in Renaissance and Baroque splendor of Tuscany and Naples, Puglia makes up for it with its devotion to the land.

Countless lush olive groves in the fields remind you that Puglia is the top olive oil producer in the country; green figs growing in this soil are often the size of small apples; the region has superb traditional cuisine and is especially known for the best bread in Italy. The fame of the Altamura bread goes as far back as to the 1st century BC when Horace called it “by far the best bread.”

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Puglia — also known as Apulia — is the heel of the boot-shaped Italy. The region has the Adriatic Coast to the east, stretching from the north where Gargano National Park is found, all the way down to the southernmost part of the country which is sitting on the Ionian Sea. With the longest coastline than any region in Italy, Puglia is blessed with numerous Blue Flag beaches (a label given for the highest quality of water). Medieval towns with white lime-washed buildings are dotted around the area and not to be missed.

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Most visitors to Puglia might head straight from the airport to Lecce, a larger Baroque town, or…

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