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An overview of the Italian potato industry

The 2020 new potato campaign was overall positive, although it did not reach the peaks of the previous year. A factor that contributed to the favorable aspect were the limited stocks of tubers from the old harvest, which were moved quite quickly during the lockdown period, slightly ahead of the usual trend.

Currently, with the summer heat, the season is showing a decrease in consumption compared to previous months. The overview on the Italian sector was provided by the National Union of Potato Producers’ Associations (Unapa).

“During the last weeks of commercialization of the novellas, in late June, and despite the competition from other areas, the Sicilian novellas were sold at 0.35 euro/kg. For the entire season, the price ranged between 0.45 and 0.50 euro/kg. Campania’s production was marked by modest yields, caused by the frosts of February, March and April. As a result, sales prices were higher than in recent years. Apulia itself has benefited from the reduced competition of the Campania product, closing off a successful 2020 campaign.”

If at the present time the summer temperatures are unfavorable for the consumption of tubers, which is to the advantage of other vegetable gardens, it will be necessary to wait for the autumn months – September/October – for a resumption and a more stable trend.

“At the moment the products available are from central-northern Italy, the quantities are good, as well as the quality and prices. Only in the area of Bologna…

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