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Why you should visit Puglia – Style Utah

Summer is here, and there is still time for you to plan a holiday and visit Europe. If you are still wondering about where to go in Europe, and you are considering Italy, Puglia is the answer!

The heel of Italy, the eastern gate, the Tuscany of the South, are just three names to talk about the same ancient magical place: Puglia. The easternmost region of Italy is the frontier land of encounter and conflict between the West and the East, of invasions and conquests. It has been the home of the Goths, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, and Turks over the centuries. All of them left indelible traces in the region. Thanks to the two seas, that surrounds her (the Adriatic and the Ionian), to the 865 kilometers of sun-kissed coast at any time of the year, to the warmth and work of the Pugliesi, to the villages still in the past. where the hours go by slowly, Puglia has been crowned by the National Geographic the most beautiful region of the world as “it boasts the best of southern Italy: the rhythms of life, the traditions, the beauty of the places “. The New York Times echoes it. The food and wine tourism is an asset for Puglia, (the first Italian region for wine production). In Puglia, you can eat and drink well spending little.

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