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The pandemic didn’t just bring bad things with it

“Producing organic food, of the highest quality and strictly Italian, is a rather ordinary practice, even when the weather is not at its best. On the contrary, the challenge was to educate the client, and therefore the final consumer, to prefer and support food from organic farming. The health emergency seems to have changed the preferences of Italians, directing them towards healthier, safer and certified products, regardless, sometimes, of their physical appearance.”

This is what was explained to FreshPlaza by Rocco Dimallio, director of “Principe di Puglia”, the all-organic agricultural company that has over 500 hectares of cultivated area and a wide range of fruit and vegetables all year round.

“This positive trend is reflected in our order history. As a matter of fact, during the lockdown weeks, we recorded a +30% increase compared to the same period last year, but, as of today, we can confirm that orders are staying quite high. Those fruit and vegetables that once were undervalued for their uneven shape and color, now seem to be favored. This is also a result of the work carried out in recent years to raise awareness of organic farming. There is a deeper commitment to the naturalness of the product. We can see this also from the packaging we are asked for, packaging which is more sustainable, innovative and therefore more associated with the concept of organic.”

“While we are still busy with…

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