8 of the best Italian holiday homes in Puglia

8 of the best Italian holiday homes in Puglia

Puglia is home to more than just sandy white beaches, rolling fields and ancient olive groves. The southern Italian region offers a real mish-mash of architectural styles that chart the area’s history, from the Roman and medieval forts to Saracen-era towers, canonical trullos and traditional masserias – and even a smattering of cutting-edge contemporary villas.

Many of these structures have new roles as part of the region’s bustling tourism industry, and these Puglian holiday homes feature al fresco dining spots for long summer evenings in the sun, infinity pools and picturesque orchards, vineyards and olive groves.

Here’s our selection of the best Puglian holiday homes for soaking up the sun by the Mediterranean Sea.

Villa Cardo near Carovigno

8 of the best Italian holiday homes in Puglia -

Photography by Salva Lopez

Sleeps 8; from €3,000 per week direct
This serene contemporary Italian holiday home sits among the olive groves of Puglia’s countryside and was designed by Studio Andrew Trotter for slow living. Villa Cardo resembles a series of stacked boxes and has been built using local materials near the village of Carovigno. Minimalist interiors feature stone floors, pale plaster walls and arching ceilings, while the Italian holiday home’s black-framed windows frame vistas of the surrounding olive groves and almond trees. As well as a pool and sun terrace, it also boasts a rooftop terrace that looks out towards the Mediterranean Sea. Take a look inside.

Cliff House in Polignano a Mare

Italian holiday home: Cliff house

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