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35-40% reduction is expected in Puglia

“Due to the return of cold weather in the last ten days of March and in early April, an average reduction of about 35-40% on the entire Apulian production is expected for the 2020 cherry campaign. With damage of up to 70% the early Bigarreau variety was the most affected, especially where efforts were made to get the plant to bear fruit early. The average increases were compensations from other cultivars”. So said Maurizio Simone, agronomist from Doctor Farmer.

“Medium-early varieties as well, such as Giorgia, suffered damage, especially for the early crops; whereas the Ferrovia, a late variety considered the true flagship product and which represents over 50% the Apulian offer, seems to have escaped the frosts”.

“In some municipalities of Puglia, such as Bisceglie for example, we are in the pre-ripening phase; but now our problems are the continuous rains of the last few days. These precipitations are certainly not favorable for the early varieties, while they might be for late ones. We are worried, because those few cherries that had been saved from frosts could suffer cracking effects (fruit splitting), thus further reducing the quantities available. Any damage can only be assessed in the next few hours”.


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