What is Burrata – Wanted in Rome

What is Burrata – Wanted in Rome

Cheese is an integral part of many Italian diets, and types of cheese consumed vary depending on the region. Probably one of the most enticing is Burrata. 

Burrata is a cheese that is native to the region of Puglia, which is known for sheep farming and agriculture. Burrata has been popular amongst locals for over a century.

Still, it was not until recently that it gained popularity in other Italian regions and abroad due to the exporting of the cheese and restaurants using it as premium ingredient.

History of Burrata

According to the Offical Journal of the European Union, “Burrata  dates back to the early 20th century on the Bianchino family estate in the Murgia town of Andria. When Lorenzo Bianchino could not deliver milk into town due to heavy snowfall, he was forced to find a new use of the cream that formed on the top of the milk.”

Mr. Bianchino’s method was to create a sort of thin “pouch” out of stretched cheese as a shell to hold and preserve the cream, and some shredded pieces called stracciatella leftover from mozzarella making.

Burrata traditionally was wrapped with tiny grass stems or larger asphodel leaves as a sign of freshness: if the leaves were still green, then people knew the cheese was fresh.

One of the first references of this product was in the early 1930s, in the Guida del Touring Club. The Guide  led burrata to become popular not only in Italy but also abroad. To the extent that the Shah of Iran became an expert of Burrata and flew into Apulia to…

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