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Simonetta Dellomonaco • President, Apulia Film Commission

– Simonetta Dellomonaco of the Apulia Film Commission talks about her strategies for tackling the crisis and the idea of building film studios in collaboration with Netflix and Film London

Simonetta Dellomonaco • President, Apulia Film Commission

The new Apulia Film Fund, envisaged by the Puglia Region, will be endowed with 5 million euros and the latter has designated the Apulia Film Commission as the Intermediary Body managing the fund, a transformation also aimed at facilitating the sector’s recovery following the period of crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Indeed, the key points in the region’s strategy for tackling the Covid-19 crisis include reducing bureaucracy levels, ensuring safe working and increasing innovation”, explains Simonetta Dellomonaco, president of the AFC, to Cinema & Video International, “and this marries well with the need, which is especially acute at present, to assist audiovisual productions whose teams are looking to come to Puglia once shooting activities resume. Together with the Puglia Region, we are putting the finishing touches on a variety of instruments, both in terms of subsidies for businesses who can count on the direct support of the AFC and calls aimed at authors designed to foster innovation.”

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Cinema & Video International: In the meantime, the Apulia Development Fund’s second call for applications opened on 15 April: candidates have until 15 May to submit their requests, while the various applications…

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