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Plastic, Celebrity Of The Year 2019

More than ever this summer, we’ve seen an increase in the discussion around plastic

Restaurants are banning single-use plastic straws and bottles. Politicians are sending supporting environmental messages on social media. Beaches in Puglia and in several other Italian regions are outlawing disposable cutlery.

On the wave of such green awakening, popular Italian magazine Vanity Fair is challenging celebrities to pick up plastic waste on seashores in order to promote a plastic-free lifestyle and an adequate recycling process to stem marine pollution. The initiative bears the #VanityChallenge tag, and unfolds on social media similarly to the 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge.

Although these actions are surely positive and useful, it feels like we’re looking at some sort of hype phenomenon that will be forgotten in a few months, and is not yet not teaching how plastic can be adequately disposed of.

Apulia’s (almost) plastic-free summer

In March 2019, Apulia has banned single-use plastic on its seashores, and was followed by the central regions of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. The Italian World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) headquarters created a website page to participate in its beach-cleaning tour and organize an event to pick up trash on the coastline.

The Regional Administrational Court (Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale – TAR) in Apulia has, however, stopped lido managers from prohibiting single-use plastic, because it might affect the regular…

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