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Apulian cherries sales are on hold, but production prices are sky-high

The cherry campaign has already started in the Apulian fields. “The quantities are scarce due to the late March frosts and the continuous rains that occurred ten days ago, particularly in the area of Bisceglie, where 50% of the Bigarreau variety were lost  Moreover, in the areas of Conversano the ripening of the fruit is late in coming.” This is what was reported by Nicola Coniglio, owner of the Coniglio di Adelfia (BA) farm. In addition to Bigarreau, the cultivars available at the moment, although in more limited quantities, are Early Lory, Sweet Early and Rita.

“On a commercial level, we’re operating with the handbrake on. Production prices are very high, about 10 euro/kg, with an average of 14 euro/kg in delivery, post-processing and packaging, depending on the size – continued the entrepreneur – At the moment, we are selling most of the available volumes in the Italian wholesale markets. Some large-scale retail chains have shown interest, but there is still not enough continuity of supply to work with proper planning”.

For the next few weeks, Coniglio is hoping in a rise in temperatures, which will boost ripening and consumption. “It’s still too cold at night. In order to best satisfy our customers, we need consistency of supply.” The peak of the season will be between 25 May and 15 June.

The cherry sector of Puglia/Italy lives under a sword of Damocles hanging by Turkey competitors. “If large volumes of Turkish cherries are not yet arriving on European…

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