You are currently viewing Air Canada Vacations’ 2020 Europe Collection

Air Canada Vacations’ 2020 Europe Collection

Air Canada Vacations has unveiled its 2020 Europe Collection; inspiring travellers to discover old world wonders, embrace local culture, and build their personal stories.

Air Canada Vacations’ new European collection features a total of 145 vacation packages in 21 countries including 30 new carefully designed itineraries tailored to better meet your clients’ travel styles.

“Filled with packaged vacations to countless vibrant European cities steeped in history and culture, our 2020 Europe Collection has a dream escape for every type of traveller,” said Nino Montagnese,
Managing Director at Air Canada Vacations. “With various travel experiences, partnerships and collaborations our newest Collection positions us as a significant player for leisure travel to Europe.”

Air Canada Vacations has enhanced its program with more options to choose from like offering two new Seaside Escapes in Paestum, Italy, the home to one of Europe’s mesmerizing archeological zones, as well as a new Independent Escape called Portugal Explorer. The tour operator also boosted its Costa del Sol program with a new itinerary named Madrid. Andalusia. Arriba!, along with a large selection of hotels featuring options for long stays ranging up to 28 days – ideal for our Canadian snowbirds desiring to spend their winter in the warmer region of Málaga. As well, they have added a new Guided Rail tour to explore the beautiful and charming region of Puglia in Italy, and much more authentic…

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