– This call for projects is aimed at Italian and European production companies – micro, small and mid-size – which have works in the production phase set to be made wholly or partly in Puglia

The 2020 Apulia Film Fund boasts a €5 million endowment

A shoot in Apulia (© Apulia Film Commission)

The Puglia Region and the Apulia Film Commission Foundation have released a Public Notice on behalf of the Apulia Film Fund 2020, which now boasts a total budget of €5 million. It’s an endowment which “marks a historic turning point”, stresses Apulia FC director Antonio Parente.  The call is aimed at Italian and European micro, small and mid-sized audiovisual production companies and is geared towards supporting audiovisual works or series which are in the production phase and are made wholly or partly in Puglia.

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Projects eligible for assistance include fiction feature films primarily intended for the big screen (maximum funding of €350k), TV and web films and serial products (maximum funding of €120k), animated feature films and animated serial works (maximum funding of €700k), and, last but not least, short films and video clips (maximum funding of €40k).

The Apulia Film Commission is the first film commission in Europe to be directly tasked with providing State finance using EU funds. For the President of the Apulia Film Commission Simonetta Dellomonaco, “this unprecedented operation, which we worked on tirelessly, alongside the Region, during the…

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