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Table grapes in Sicily and Apulia doing extremely well

Demand for organic and zero-residue produce is on the up, so businesses have been either converting old crops or planting new ones.

Calogero Montana (archive photo)

Gruppo Montana, for example, has started growing organic Victoria and Black Magic grapes under the Terra Mater Bio brand. Harvesting started in late May and will continue throughout the entire Italian table grape season.

New Italia grape vineyards have been planted in Scoglitti alongside the historic productions of the Mazzarrone and Canicattì areas.

Divin is a brand part of Gruppo Montana

Companies part of Gruppo Montana are located in Sicily and Apulia and guarantee quite a diversified selection that also includes seedless grapes.

The production calendar. Click here to enlarge

“Our production network is the feather in the cap of Sicilian table grape cultivation. Our production calendar will continue until the end of the year, with most of the produce being sent to France, which remains our main destination. After all, the fact that we are part of the Rungis fresh produce market is strategic and enables us to be a considerable point of reference for the entire country,” explains CEO Calogero Montana.¬†

Another brand. Click here for the company brochure

“I can state that we are a leading company when it comes to commercialization thanks to the fact that we can guarantee the entire chain – from producers to wholesalers. As for the last step, i.e. retail sales, we have strong relationships with our…

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