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Italy loses 70% of foreign tourists and 2 bln euros – Economy

(ANSAmed) – ROME, 26 AGO – Italy did not see the high number
of tourists it had been hoping for in mid-August, ANSA was told
by Demoskopika institute chief Raffaele Rio.

”Last year,” he noted, ”elaborating central bank figures,
in the month of August alone there were over 5 million foreign
tourists that opted to spent their holiday in Italy, generating
over 37 million night stays in hotels and related facilities in
Italy, spending about 4 billion euros.”
This year, he continued, ”we estimate that there was a drop
in the same period of about 70%, with a 3.6 million decrease in
foreign tourists and almost 2 billion fewer euros spent.”
”I am still of the opinion that Italians,” Rio added, ”are
very traditional in their choice of tourism consumption. The
Demoskopika figures show that, taking into consideration the
social distancing as much desired as little practiced, about 6
out of every 10 Italians that said they would be going on
holiday opted for seaside locations, mainly in Sicily, Puglia,
Calabria, Emilia-Romagna and Sardinia.

Some others chose the mountains or art cities, but there is
no doubt that art cities suffered more severely from the
collapse of the sector, especially due to the sharp decrease in
international tourism. Some of our elaborations – on the basis
of central bank data – estimate that about 2.7 million
foreigners decided in the end not to stay in an art city in
Italy between July and August.” (ANSAmed).

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