As EVOO Consumption Remains Strong in Italy, Producers Hope Prices Follow

As EVOO Consumption Remains Strong in Italy, Producers Hope Prices Follow

Nearly 80 per­cent of con­sumers in Italy habit­u­ally buy extra vir­gin olive oil for domes­tic use, accord­ing to the lat­est sur­vey con­ducted by Ismea, the insti­tute of ser­vices for the agri­cul­tural and food mar­ket.

The results of the sur­vey, which were pub­lished by the Italian news orga­ni­za­tion, Ansa, con­firm the endur­ing appeal of extra vir­gin olive oil among Italian con­sumers.

The rel­e­vant col­lapse in quan­tity ends in a very high qual­ity olive oil and this should help bring up the prices, a price recov­ery after the poor per­for­mance last year.– Saverio Muraglia, pres­i­dent, Coldiretti Puglia

The sur­vey, which was car­ried out online using a sam­ple of 2,500 Italian fam­i­lies con­sid­ered rep­re­sen­ta­tive of Italian soci­ety, also revealed that nearly 9.6 per­cent of respon­dents buy non-vir­gin olive oil for house­hold use, while 0.2 per­cent turn to olive pomace oil.

While 84 per­cent of all olive oil is bought in the super­mar­kets, a grow­ing num­ber of con­sumers – 16 per­cent – buy their olive oil from local pro­duc­ers.

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This chang­ing trend should not come as a sur­prise, how­ever, given that another recent Ismea sur­vey demon­strated that the share of fam­i­lies buy­ing agri­cul­tural prod­ucts directly from farm­ers has grown by five per­cent in 2020.

After a decade of steady decline,…

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