edoardo tresoldi resurrects archeological remains in puglia using wire mesh
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in the southern italian region of puglia, the historic park of siponto is known as a site of great archaeological significance. abandoned after earthquakes in the 13th century, the area formerly assumed the role as one of the principal harbors in the region. alongside several artifacts emblematic of apulian-romanesque architecture, the land hosts the ancient remains of an early christian basilica, illustrating the town’s role as one of the most important dioceses in the region.

the installation is located in the archaeological park of siponto in puglia 




on the site of this early church, italian artist edoardo tresoldi has constructed a monumental wire mesh installation that simulates the ancient town’s architectural quality. the sculpture, titled ‘basilica di siponto’, occupies the vast space as a light and transparent volume, resurrecting the archaeological remains as a sculptural form for visitors to experience and explore. layers of mesh metal intersect and overlap to form cavernous archways, soaring columns and a romanesque roof.  


together with MiBACT (the ministry of cultural heritage and activities) and the archaeology superintendence of puglia, tresoldi has added his contemporary artwork to the archaeological context, giving new life to the ancient church.

a monumental wire mesh installation simulates the town’s architectural…

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