La Vida Buena 2020

Exactly one week ago the ferry brought me back from the enchanting Tremiti Islands to the South Italian continent. In my luggage: many new cigar-loving-friends (amici!) and great impressions of an extraordinary event.

Incomparable: La Vida Buena -

Grazie, Claudio!

This was the fourth time “La Vida Buena” took place, always on the small rocky islands off the coast of Puglia, which (it’s a good thing!) hardly anyone outside Italy knows. The motto of the 2020 event was: “La Incomparable” – “The incomparable”.
Claudio Crema, president of the Cigar Club La Escepción of Termoli, organized this small fine cigar festival with a lot of love for details. The program includes tastings of Cuban vintage cigars paired with champagne or rum, excellent dinners and a boat trip, of course with cigars, Peroni beer, rum and a plunge into crystal clear water.
Claudio, who provides all cigars from his collection, is a hearty and humorous host. The Italian Passionados are open, cheerful and very attached to each other.

The place is a small remote paradise for snorkelers and sun worshippers, it radiates the charm of the 1960s.
La Vida Buena: a small, intimate, casual and fun cigar party that I can recommend to everyone who loves Sigari, Bella Italia and Vida Buena.
The festival will take place in 2021 on August 28 and 29, with the motto: “La Excepcional”.

Incomparable: La Vida Buena -


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