David Beckham’s ultimate fast food meal will surprise you

David Beckham's ultimate fast food meal will surprise you -

Sophie Hamilton

It looks like the Beckham family are back in Blighty after a very glamorous holiday in Puglia, Italy (jealous, us?) and dad David has headed straight for his favourite comfort food.

Yes, the former England footballer shared a photo of his perfect supper on his Instagram Stories, and we’re betting many of you will agree with his choice.

“Fish & chips with peas and gravy with a savaloy. Does it get any better?” wrote David on a snap of his tasty-looking meal, before adding, “Oh and curry sauce.”

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David was enjoying the fast food dinner as he watched the Champions League football on TV. On one plate we can see some battered fish, a savaloy sausage, spring roll and pickled onions. On the other plate, David has covered his chips and peas with his curry sauce. What a feast!


David’s fish and chip supper

The husband of Victoria Beckham is known for his love of food, often…

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