Investors piled into shares of some Black-owned businesses in June amid widespread racial-justice protests and newfound interest in the Juneteenth holiday marking the emancipation of the last slaves in the U.S. The gains in some cases proved fleeting, showing the difficulty of using the stock market to express social views.

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Emerging-Market Bond Funds Face Reckoning: Emerging-markets bond funds are facing a reckoning as Covid-19 stresses economies across the globe, reminding investors that assets aimed at producing higher returns in good times can post outsize losses when things go wrong.


Insight Partners Moves Quickly to Address Pandemic Shifts: When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Insight sought to help the technology companies it backs address both the challenges posed by market disruptions and the potential opportunities it created.


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Not only the EUR6.5 billion issue size of Germany’s inaugural green bond was remarkable, but Germany also put to a test the existence of the “greenium,” or the extra spread that investors would be willing to pay for green bonds versus regular bonds, says Jesus Martinez, senior…

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