The new James Bond movie is now filming in the south of Italy

The new James Bond movie is now filming in the south of Italy

The production for the new James Bond movie has just moved from Jamaica to Italy, and if you want to maybe catch a glimpse of the cast and crew then you’ll have to head to the south of the country.

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Daniel Craig is once again James Bond in the 25th movie of the franchise. Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

The 25th James Bond movie, which has the rumoured title of Shatterhand, will feature the landscapes of both the regions of Basilicata and Apulia. The production team has recently arrived in Gravina in Puglia, close to the city of Bari— they will be joined there around August by the cast, including Daniel Craig back in his role as 007 as well as other A-list names like Rami Malek and Naomie Harris.

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Gravina in Puglia will be one of the new James Bond’s movie locations. Photo by Sergio Pigozzi/Getty Images

Some scenes will also take place around Matera in Basilicata, Europe’s 2019 Capital of Culture. What has probably sparked the interest of the James Bond production team are the famous Sassi, houses and buildings dug into the rock and some of the oldest settlements in the world. The Sassi are not new to production crews and cameras since they’ve already been the set of movies like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ in 2004 and Patty Jenkins’s 2017 Wonder Woman.

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The Sassi are no strangers to movie crews, and the city of Matera will also host the movie’s world premiere in 2020. Photo by Francesco Conti/EyeEm/Getty Images

The Italian leg of…

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