Roadtrip Through Italy’s Province of Puglia

Roadtrip Through Italy’s Province of Puglia

Perfect Puglia. Azure water, warm beaches, and history for days (millennia, really). It’s affordable, friendly, and right for a road trip.

Just hours from Rome, the beauty and warmth of Puglia awaits.

Puglia—aka Italy’s boot heel—features affordable food and lodging, famous Southern Italian hospitality, and short drives (often one hour or less) between mind-blowing destinations. Envision warm turquoise waters, soft sandy beaches, hyper-local farm to table food culture, and historical sites scattered all around, casually dating back three millennia. Explore the southern half of Puglia by way of a relaxing road trip. The plan stays in the vibrant cities of Lecce and Ostuni then take daylong excursions into the surrounding country and seaside. Public transit in Puglia is minimal, so your own ride means unfettered access to all the glory.

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